Saturday, 20 December 2014

There won't be snow in Jeziorki this Christmas

There's little doubt, the climate is changing. Last December was almost snow-free, the forecast for Warsaw unto the end of the year does not forecast snow. Yesterday, although it was rainy for most of the day, the temperature hit a staggering 12C, while today on my walk around Jeziorki, the day's high was 7C. Note that Warsaw's average daytime high for December is around 2C (sources vary from 1.9C to 2.1C).

Once upon a time, snow could cover Warsaw from the end of November through to early April. Since I started coming to Poland in winter, in the early 1990s, there have been thaws (odwilże) punctuating the snowy season. December has usually been snowy (check back past Decembers on this blog). The planet is warming up.

On today's walk, there was a distinct feel of spring in the air; like the przednówek season when nature is waiting patiently to explode back into life - but we've not had winter yet - real winter, with frosts of -20C and a 15cm (six-inch) layer of snow over everything.

So - onto the photos. I set off, turn into ul. Dumki. Below: the birch trees have been bare for a month. In the distance, ul. Trombity.

Below: a cygnet (left) and its parent swimming on open water. In past years, they'd have been long gone, migrating south to return in late March. The recent warmer winters have persuaded them to stay in Warsaw. Click here to see swans in ice on 7 December 2012.

A view across the lake; when the sun appears from behind the clouds, in the strong westerly wind it feels exactly like March. No different. A few more weeks like this and buds will be appearing on trees...

Across the lake, this is the reverse view of this photo, albeit taken with a telephoto rather than wide-angle lens.

Below: After a few weeks of rain, ul. Dumki has become impassable to motorised traffic (a good thing) and to those not wearing the stoutest of footwear.

Below: across the railway tracks towards Dawidy Bankowe, the low winter sun highlights the unseasonal verdure of the arable fields.

Below: a panorama of Warsaw city centre from Dawidy Poduchowne (just within the city boundary). Second skyscraper from the left is Warsaw Spire, under construction. The gap in between is the Wola district, which should fill up with high-rise developments. Warsaw is already ranked fourth in the EU (after Paris, London and Frankfurt) in terms of cities with buildings over 150m high. Click to enlarge.

And a follow-up from Sunday, 21 December, the shortest day of 2014. I cross the tracks and spot new-style PKP PLK SA snowdrift screens, replacing the wooden ones which were rarely used in recent years.

Poland's railway management is increasingly sensitive to bad PR typu 'Sorry, taki mamy klimat'. Good to see that action is being taken in good time to prevent mishaps and delays.

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Man falls under train at W-wa Żwirki i Wigury

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Kidnapped by Koleje Mazowieckie

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Google Earth updates Jeziorki

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Out and about with two foot of glass

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