Thursday, 1 January 2015

Jeziorki welcomes 2015

It is a tradition now in Jeziorki that the Vietnamese people living across the way stage a monumental fireworks celebration to see in the Polish New Year, and I salute them for it.

This year's barrage lasted a full 25 minutes, augmented by more modest displays all around, from Piaseczno to Raszyn, from Ursynów to Mokotów. The longer the barrage, the better the economy (back in 2008, the fireworks lasted 15 minutes before the skyline fell back into darkness and silence).

All photos at 100 ISO, f11, shutter set to Bulb, closed when I felt enough explosions had been registered on the camera's sensor. Tripod mounted, manual focus (at infinity). 10-24mm lens set to 10mm, perspective correction done in Photoshop (Brightness -4, Contrast +6, Saturation +6) The one problem is the in-camera Noise Reduction software, which takes many seconds to clear out the blocky artifacts that would otherwise appear in the pictures.

Time to wish all my regular readers a peaceful and prosperous New Year, full of happiness and learning moments, health and the joy of life.

This time last year:
Jeziorki welcomes 2014

This time two years ago:
LOT's second Dreamliner over Jeziorki

This time three years ago:
New Year's coal train

This time seven years ago:
Winter train

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