Saturday, 31 January 2015

Keeping warm in January

The last day of the first month, finally a bit of snow although the temperature today refused to dip below zero. Student SGH will correct me if I'm wrong, but on the basis of his comment here last week, this will have been the warmest January since 2007... While it's been warm, it's not been sunny. There's hardly been any sunshine for the past two weeks - dismal.

This has been the first day this winter that snow needed to be shovelled off the drive, though the snow was wet and thus heavy, the covering was thin. Two walks today, the first to Lidl to snap up the rest of the Roquefort (the last four packs, still at 4.99 złotys, or about 89p) and look for an elusive bottle of Neighbour-recommended Burgundy. Below: looking south from ul. Żmijewska (lit. 'Adder Street'), the unasphalted road that allows you to get from Lidl to Biedronka, avoiding the main road.

The second, a longer stroll around the manor - up to the tracks, along Kórnicka and back via Dumki, (below) which has been ploughed into a total mire by drivers who needlessly use this unasphalted thoroughfare.

So - with the month's end time to confront my New Year's Resolutions with reality - and to compare performance to last year. Walking - better. Daily average 10,605 paces (7,647 last year). Less alcohol consumed, with a weekly average of 14.2 units (15.1 last year), and 19 drink-free days (16 last year). More sit-ups (daily average 79 compared to 67 last year). This year, I'm counting my fresh fruit and vegetable intake (4.3 portions per day, less than the 5 recommended, but not bad).

Another tip to make the dark days of winter more palatable - follow our mammalian nature, and sleep in. I'm able to sleep for ten hours without a break at this time of year. Waking up at 05:45 - the dead of night in January - is not good for the organism. However, come May, June - I can get by on six hours' sleep without any problem.

All of this above healthyism has helped me reduce my girth. I have cast off three-quarters of an inch of useless, unhealthy fat from around my middle - from 40 inches to 39-and-a-quarter - or, if you prefer, two whole centimetres, from 101.6cm to 99.6cm. With a loss of bubber around the stomach comes weight-loss - down from 12 stone 0 lbs (76.2kg) to 11 stone 7lbs (73.4kg), my weight at university 35 years ago. This is very welcome.

Only thing that's down on last year, and that's blogging. A mere 12 posts this month compared to 21 last January. I need a return of inspiration.

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student SGH said...

Average temperature in January 2015 was +1.4C, 0.3 degree warmer than in 2008, but by no means cooler than in record-warm January 2007 when temperature averaged out +3.7C.

Michael Dembinski said...

@ Student SGH

January 2007 was the last January before I bought myself a digital camera and got blogging, hence I have neither a record nor a memory of that month :-(

What's your source of info for monthly temperature records for Warsaw?

student SGH said...

I was a first-year student in January 2007. I recall well there was no snow before 24 January 2007 when I had a stressful exam ;-) and had to leave home two and a half hours before the exam just to ensure I don't get late.

I have sent you a file with temperaures in Warsaw. It comes from already non-existent NASA website. Besides: ogimet current records and ogimet historical records come in useful. For Warsaw, IMGW allows you to compare a specific month vs. long-term average, IMGW also has a webpage containing weather summary for many cities in Poland for the period 1981-2010. Enjoy!