Saturday, 19 December 2015

Changes on ul. Baletowa

On my way to work by bus along ul. Puławska this week I noticed roadworks at the junction of ul. Baletowa. What's up? I decided to check today. A project in the local pipeline is the widening of ul. Baletowa at its choke-point, between ul. Farbiarska and ul. Gajdy, to make it wide enough for buses. And opening the junction with Puławska to allow traffic coming down Baletowa to turn left and towards town. At the moment, there's no left turn, so if you want to go to town from Baletowa, you detour via ul. Sporna.

Below: there will be traffic lights here - to add to the frustrations of the wozidupki from Piaseczno who absolutely must travel in their own cars rather than transport themselves to town along with the naród. I just hope that a bus lane will appear soon along Puławska.

For residents of ul. Farbiarska, Sporna, Gajdy and Kapeli, the opening of this short stretch of road to Puławska will mean less traffic outside their homes. Wider pavements make walking safer too.

Below: the corner of Baletowa and Farbiarska. The city has bought private land on either side of the street allowing this choke point to be widened. Choosing a good time to do so, with land prices low. I cannot wait to see buses connecting W-wa Dawidy station with Puławska.

Along the stretch between Gajdy and Puławska, there's the American House restaurant. You can see its sign in the distance in the  I confess to never having eaten there. Looks too formal. Should the restaurant/hotel ever open a bar and grill, I'd pop by for a beer and a burger; Pyry and Jeziorki could do with a local pub. Below: to advertise the place, American House uses this lovely old ZIL-157 6x6 truck, parked up on Puławska.

Below: compare this part of town as it looked in May 2002...

...and in August 2015. The biggest contrast lies in the number of cars parked everywhere.

Another victory for 19115: some property owner had decided to close off the public footpath and szlak turystyczny between ul. Sarabandy and ul. Klarnecistów. A patrol was dispatched. The path has been re-opened to local pedestrians.

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