Monday, 14 December 2015

This year's Classic British Car quiz

Six British classics snapped in the UK during the second half of this year. Can any reader accurately identify them? Extra points for model year, plus any additional info... Another chance for the Inner Anorak to emerge and shine!

This was meant to be the Rootes Group's answer to the Mini.

It's a Jaguar XJ6. But what engine size? Which series? Which year?

Any differences from the first car?

This one is truly tricky. Nearly had me stumped.

Jaguar. But which Mark? And which engine size?

How much information can you provide about this car?
"Mr Dembinski," you may ask, "why this post about Classic Cars? You're always telling us how the car is strangling the city, making drivers fat and lazy, and that the car should fade away into history." Yes indeed. Much as I admire steam engines, and would go out of my way to watch as steam engine in action, I'd never advocate the return of steam motive power to the railways. It's dirty and releases too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Steam has had its day. However, it's truly great to see a 2-10-0 Kriegslok hauling a rake of 1940s coaches up an incline, or seeing a plume of smoke around the bend on the Wirksworth railway in Derbyshire. Long may steam preservation societies keep the steam engines running. Same goes for classic cars. These classics above I hope will stay roadworthy for decades to come, even as the automotive industry goes into terminal decline.

The answers to last year's Classic British Car Quiz:

1. Triumph TR5 [The TR6's headlights were either end of the grille]
3. Daimler SP250 Dart
4. Rover 3.5 Litre Coupe [later P5B model with V8 engine]
5. Reliant Scimitar GTE
6. Rover 3500 [bonnet bulges tell of a V8 engine underneath]
7. MG MGB GT [late model, rubber bumpers]
8. Reliant Scimitar GTE

Last year's winner was Anonymous, who scored seven out of eight (wrongly identifying Car 6 as a Rover 2000).

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John Savery said...

Great quiz, and a lot older than the cars I see in Warsaw (although have seen a couple of Ford Cortinas recently!)

Best guesses as follows:

1) Hillman Imp, K registration 1971/2
2) Jaguar XJ6, H reg so August 69 / July 1970, and therefore Series 1. 2,8 litre?
3) Another Hillman Imp? 1968/9 vintage. Slightly older than the first. Also it might be a Peugeot 405 behind on the trailer.
4) Hopefully, given the headlights, a Gilbert GT. Registered in 1965 (before we moved to an August to July registration year) and I suspect first registered in my home town of Stockport (given the -JA in the first 3 letters. I remember JJA 1 was always on the mayor's car when I was growing up.)
5) Jaguar Mark 2. Predates the XJ6 above, and always remind me of Inspector Morse. It's a 1965 plate, which may mean it has a 50 year old gas guzzling 3.8 litre given the grills in the bonnet. I don't see may that old around Coventry and Warwick now, they are all much newer!
6) Triumph Vitesse? Mark 2 - note the 2 on the wing and radiator grill. 1968/9 from the plates.

Michael Dembinski said...

John - outstanding work.

Five and half out of six...! An a bit extra for the Peugeot 405 (in dragstrip Funny Car configuration). The Jag Mk II has wire wheels and the more open rear wheel arches, and is indeed a 3.8l. Getting the Gilbern right (I took 'Gilbert' to be a typo) was hugely impressive. I had to walk up close to see the name on a hubcap. Britain made many limited-run sports saloons at that time - Ginetta, Peerless, Gordon Keeble...

Half a point off for the Triumph Vitesse... it's not a Mark 2; the '2' on the bonnet side refers to the engine size - it's a two-litre. The six-cylinder engined version of the Herald, identifiable by four headlights, was initially offered with a 1.6l engine, and then from 1966 bored out to two litres. The Mk 2 Vitesse had a full-width grille and Rostyle wheel trims.

Brilliant answers though - this time next year (hopefully) another round-up of British Classics!