Friday, 1 April 2016

Białystok - quicker to get too, still dull

Białystok railway station, October 2008, below.

Early February 2015, below.

And here we are again, below, today... note new train standing at platform 3, a PESA Dart.

Here's the Dart in close-up... Bydgoszcz-built, lovely design, very comfortable. With the railway line reopened after extensive, EU-financed modernisation work, journey times from Warsaw are now shorter (2hrs 23mins, down from 2hrs 46 mins).

But Białystok still offends the eye. Too little beauty, too much ugliness - the all-pervasive advertising is particularly annoying, plastered on every facade. And too much 1990s architecture. Shabby.

My least-favourite Polish city, below Radom even. But then I do tend to visit during the dull times of year. It could do with better town planning and architectural supervision.

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Bernd said...

Indeed not a very inspiring place, but the surroundings at least are beautiful! e.g. Suprasl: (and regarding the journey time from Warsaw, indeed the train seems the best choice! Especially given that we took yesterday 4hrs to get here by car from Warsaw..)

Bernd said...

And even in sun, the railway station can look nice: (here during rush-hour with trains to.from Suwalki, Lodz, Elk and Grodno!).