Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A wee small moment in Jeziorki history

...the day the keep fit kit was installed. By the northern end of ul. Dumki, close to where it joins ul. Kórnicka. The weather is awful. At daybreak the temperature barely exceeded zero degrees, and here we are approaching the middle of May. But let's not despair - summer will arrive, and here, less than 2,000 paces from home will soon be functioning an open-air gym, a good motivator to maintain fitness. So - a cycle of exercises will need to be devised to make the most of this municipal munificence. Worth remembering, though, that this is what we, the citizens of 'Green Ursynów'  voted for in the participatory budget for 2016.

Won't be long till the work's all done, the ploughed-up mess that's the upper end of ul. Dumki is restored to its natural state and local citizens can benefit from exercise.

Today was also the day that GDDKiA announced the winner of the tender to build the first section of the S7 expressway from Węzeł Lotnisko to Grójec (the stretch between where the S79 ends and Lesznowola). Any year now, then, work will start to extend the southern stump of the S79, which currently ends in a sincere field, and drag it down to join up with S7 at Grójec, in three states. The first stage - from the airport junction to Lesznowola will be of extreme interest to this blog, as it cuts through the fields between Jeziorki and Dawidy Bankowe, between Zamienie and Zgorzała, between Nowa Wola and Nowa Iwiczna.

Having followed the construction of the S2 and S79 ('Elka') and following the modernisation of the Warsaw-Radom railway line, the prospect of a new expressway coming this way excites me - new viaducts, new junctions - and eventually the prospect of Europe's trunk road network reaching conveniently close to my front door.

Below: I will remember when this was all fields. And they drove an expressway through them.

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