Saturday, 20 May 2017

To Warka in the sunshine

The mid-May sunshine spell continues - time to get out of town and hit the road. Today's destination, on the banks of the Pilica, was Warka - home of Warka Strong - Pan Ziutek's beer of choice - and Warwin's ciders and fruit wines.The sunshine makes Mazowsze look like a cross between the Midwest and the Med. The country roads south of Czachówek have a 1930s American feel, while the town of Warka under an azure sky could be on a Spanish costa.

This is Warka's Rynek (market square). Beyond the customs house to the docks and sea?

Hairdressers, banks and a fruit & veg stall... As I was passing, a lady asked the hairdresser whether she could do her husband (whose hair was like mine if I'd let it grow for many months). The hairdresser said yes, so the lady left her husband in her care and went off alone to do some shopping.

Below: take me home country roads - between Broniszew and Jozefów. Or Kentucky?

Below: looking west along the Skierniewice-Łuków line at the Czachówek junction. Or the Pennsylvania Railroad, electrified in the mid-1930s?

Below: the Marian sanctuary at Pieczyska, would look at home in a Midwestern county township.

And back home after my foray into southern Mazowsze I took an evening walk to the ponds to check the latest news. YES! The swans' eggs have hatched! Six cygnets! (I hope they all make it to maturity...)

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