Saturday, 23 September 2017

Autumn comes early

A wet, dull, cool September. Summer ended quickly this year. Jeziorki is in mud, the air is damp and the nights are longer than the days. Six months to go until the Spring Equinox. The Warsaw that my father visited in early August this year and last year - bathed in summer sunshine, energetic and proud - is changing into a greyer version of itself, drawing in upon itself ahead of the onset of winter.

Below: Rondo Dmowskiego, where the Rotunda is being rebuilt. Today a hole in the ground; before too long a new, modern take on classic post-war Warsaw architecture. In the meanwhile, the Crossroad of Warsaw looks like a provincial bazaar after closing time. In the background, the Palace of Culture, its summit hidden in low cloud.

Left: at the Palace itself, a strange installation has appeared at its feet. A mirrored cube with a white flag flying. What's all this about? And those coloured lines that appeared on Pl. Defilad? Are they linked? Something to do with this year's Warszawa w Budowie event? Warsaw will find out next week (however, I'm off to Łódź-Gdańsk-London-Sopot, so might miss it).

Talking of Warsaw under construction, the cranes are still hovering over D.H. Smyk (below). This wonderful piece of post-war modernism is being returned to its former glory as a department store.

Below: looking north up Al. Jana Pawła II, with the Q22 skyscraper in the centre. Opened a year ago, it represents the new wave of tall buildings that are reshaping Warsaw's Central Business District.

And the following day I found myself in Q22, looking down on Al. Jana Pawła II. Photo taken from the 21st floor.

Below. Q22 is in the background in this shot taken on the corner of ul. Świętokrzyska and ul. Emilii Plater. Evening rush hour, still in daylight. By the end of next month it will be darkness - darkness in the morning, darkness in the evening.

Make the most of going to work and going back home again in daylight. Below: waiting for the 07:38 from W-wa Jeziorki to W-wa Śródmieście, as a classic EN 57 (three front windows, ribbing along the sides) heads south for Radom.

At this time of year, and in particular in the weeks after the time change in late October, we have to focus on our physical and mental well being. It is not a happy season. When the sun comes out, make the most of it. Spend every sunny hour outside if you can...

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