Sunday, 23 September 2012

A little west of Jeziorki, early autumn

West of Jeziorki, a day after Equinox. Łady (pron. "Wuddy"), the first proper village you get to after leaving Warsaw's borders. The 715 bus passes through here, as it wends its way from Wilanowska to P+R Al. Krakowska (formerly Okęcie). Dawidy-Łady-Nowy Podolszyn-Podolszyn-Nowy Podolszyn-Łady-Dawidy it goes, giving passengers a double chance to gaze upon it.

Below: the centre of Łady, a Marian chapel, and buildings that look something out of a Western. "Sheriff's lookin' for ya, boy!"  A half moon rides a clear sky.

Łady has its own village pond, which gives it a  spirit of place, a focal point.

More ponds, further west. Between Falenty and Janki, one of several large commercial fish ponds, which have been here since Tsarist days. Below: Staw Falencki, looking east.

Below: Staw Falencki, looking west. I wrote yesterday about the low water level in the Vistula, but here in Falenty, there's no sign of drought; the water comes right up to the bank.

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