Monday, 7 October 2019

Radom line progress and promises

As of 20 October, the new 'up' line between Czachówek Południowy and Warka will begin to function, taking trains in both directions over the new track. Passengers will be able to use the new platform at Warka and the five intermediate stations, including Chynów. The newly built bridge over the river Pilica, standing next to the old one, will be opened to rail traffic; the old one will be dismantled and replaced by a second new bridge. Work on the line between Warka and Radom 

Here are some photos from Chynów, showing how the work is progressing. It's been one year and one month since it began, so some slight delay. The halfway point should have been reached a few weeks back. Still, the crews were at it all Saturday and knocked off work at 5pm on Sunday.

Below: two works trains just north of Chynów; the overhead power lines are in place and have been checked; photo taken just after the crew left on Sunday evening.

Below: Saturday evening, around half past five, a Warsaw-bound train passes overhead line inspection crew still hard at work.

Below: Saturday lunchtime, more engineering trains working along the new track. Looking north up toward Sułkowice from Chynów.

The remaining half-platforms that have served the old 'down' track in both directions will be dismantled; new platforms built on the other side of the new track that will soon be laid. New lighting, benches and signage will be installed. The new platforms will be higher, so it will be easier to step into and off the trains. A level, non-slip surface with guidance paths for the visually impaired is the new standard. Access to the stations will be wheelchair-friendly, and shelters are also planned.

Passengers will be able to use the new platforms from 20 October. By then, the trains will be running on the new track. In the next phase, work will focus on the second ('down') track, where new platforms will be built. Below: the north end of the new platform at Chynów station. An underground passage will allow passengers to get to the platforms without having to step over rails.

The modernisation of the line between Czachówek and Warka, worth 216m złotys, is 85% co-financed by the EU and will be completed in the middle of 2020.

A new 200-metre long railway bridge was built over the Pilica River. For its construction 185 tons of steel and 750 tons of concrete were used. Now the building is being painted and the pillars are being strengthened. Preparations for laying the track are underway. The new structure will weigh 2400 tons. The demolition of the second old structure will be completed by the end of September. The railway crossing over the Pilica River after the modernisation will be double-track. The new three-span structures will be adapted to the passage of heavier trains travelling at up to 160 km/h.

On the 40km section between Warka and Radom, the entire overhead power line has been removed. The traction poles and foundations are being dismantled. In Dobieszyn, Strzyżyna, Grabów nad Pilicą and Kruszyna, demolition of old platforms has started and the old track bed is being removed. Between Strzyżyna and Radom the track is being additionally strengthened.

The value of the Warka-Radom modernisation is 429m złotys, again co-financed by the EU. The works are planned to be completed in the middle of 2021. Once complete, the fastest trains will travel at 160 km/h, passengers will be using more accessible and comfortable platforms; new level crossings and traffic control equipment will ensure greater safety.

Below: Jabłkowizna - the apples that no one is bothering to pick - the 'wild orchards'. The commercial ones have mostly been harvested by now.

Bonus shots, having come into town on the early evening train from Chynów, arriving in Śródmieście after dusk. Below: Warsaw skyline, from the train, with the railway museum, the new Warszawa Główny station taking shape in the foreground, and the reflection of the conductor selling a ticket.

Below: looking west from Śródmieście, Varso tower up to the 25th floor - about halfway up to its intended height.

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