Thursday, 16 April 2020

Seven lockdown sunsets

Life has acquired a new rhythm over the past month; staying at home by the laptop until 17:00, the working day over, it's time for a stroll. Ten thousand paces; ninety minutes or so each day to keep in shape. Jeziorki is a great place to be locked down; close enough to the vital amenities of a capital city, yet remote enough to be able to walk for 90 minutes without getting with five metres of another walker or 20 metres of anyone cycling vigorously.

In mid-March, when lockdown was announced, the sun was setting just before 18:00. The clocks went forward on 29 March, and along with day-length increasing at its fastest rate around equinox, the sunsets are getting later and later. Today, it set just before 19:30. Here are some of the finest sunsets of the past four weeks then...

Emblematic of the Sublime Aesthetic, the setting sun begets a frame of mind that is open to thoughts that rise above the mundane.

Sunsets bring together sensual and mystical; awakening the feelings of afterglow. Day edges into night, Eternity is just that bit closer...

"But I don't need no friends/ As long as I gaze on Waterloo Sunset, I am in paradise" - Ray Davies, he knew. Below: W-wa Jeziorki station.

As a teenager, I'd open my bedroom window on summer evenings watching the sun setting over Northolt and Ruislip - an impossibility nowadays due to taller trees and new buildings blocking the view.

This time three years ago:
Easter everywhere

This time ten years ago:
Strange days indeed (though less strange than these!)

[link to video of the blog post, courtesy of Nick Morris]

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