Tuesday, 7 April 2020

From Zero to One

Lent 2020 - Day 42

Imagine a beam of light, of energy, of consciousness. It extends from the Big Bang all the way out through space and time to the very edge of the Universe. All the while it is rising in intensity, amplitude and frequency, constantly striving towards its infinite conclusion, a final unification of all consciousness and God; becoming total awareness. All in God, God in All. Long after humanity has evolved from its present condition into a more angelic form. [We are 13.8 billion years from Big Bang; life on earth has been around for 4.3 billion years; mankind for a mere half a million years. Imagine us, but evolved for a further billion years!]

Imagine that beam - on its way from Zero to One, the beam - it passes through you. And before it passed through you, it passed through other living matter. After your body dies, the beam will pass through more living matter. This beam, this thread, is constant in its evolution; it is not you, but it becomes a part of you during your existence, and afterwards, moves onward.

As you live, you are riding the beam. Memories are all there is to let you know that the beam is there, that it is passing from past through present to future - your memories, earlier memories. Those memories will grow in intensity and definition with each subsequent existence. At present, it's only a weak signal, but it is one that those who are sensitive to it will pick up. They will recognise its familiar touch; atavistic congruences, anomalous qualia memories. Those signals will intensify as that beam nears its goal. Each subsequent life touched by the beam will experience ever more tangible sensations, and will feel ever stronger past-life memories, as spiritual sensitivity deepens along the path towards Unity.

Remember, you are not the beam, it is not your ego. It is not your DNA, it is not your biology. The beam is not you; it is living you - you are riding it. Your body, the ego that powers its biology, is but the vessel that carries your most profound conscious experiences - and it is these that are transmitted further on down the line.

Remember such a dusk five hundred million years ago.

Of course this beam is only a metaphor, a simile for something I feel. I cannot - indeed daren't - try to build any scientific (or indeed pseudo-scientific) structure around this feeling. I would rather leave it as an artistic - poetic - fancy, leave it until one day the science catches up and can put theory and physical laws to it all. Maybe it's some kind of a quantum construct; maybe consciousness is a property of matter along with mass and energy. Maybe the dark matter and dark energy which science cannot touch or measure - maybe that's the force of this beam. Who knows - not me, certainly not in this lifetime.

But let's be practical about 'this lifetime'. It shouldn't just be spent theorising. We should strive to improve as human beings. Avoid hurting others, quashing those flashes of rage that betray our biological roots - the instinctive, the base, the  reptilian - and aim for the angelic.

Your experience of God* is through those spiritual, numinous moments when you feel that clarity, that unity, may occur at any time throughout your life, sought after or unbidden - is but a foretaste of emotions that will intensify within future existences. Like light, a wave and a particle, the beam of which I speak oscillates and spirals along its way. Experience it will gain, it will witness, it will carry wisdom unto the ultimate Consciousness.

*God does not take the personal pronoun 'he', or 'she'. If at all, God takes the personal pronoun 'God'. One stylistic commandment I would lay down.

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