Wednesday, 25 July 2007


London fascinates with its ability to change yet remain constant; new buildings amaze, old buildings maintain the capital's dignity; buildings from which the Empire was run. (Above:) The London Eye, with the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey in the background. Click here for a view of the same subjects taken from 3,000 ft. The Science Museum is a perfect example of this; grand Victorian architecture, inside are the mechanical exhibits I remember as a a boy, side by side with new, computer-driven interactive exhibits aimed at today's children. Quite which do the better job of explaining the technological world is a moot point.

Below: A Hurricane and Spitfire on display on the third floor of the Science Museum, just as they were 40+ years ago when I'd visit with my father. These two aircraft - their shape and markings - inspired me greatly.


Neighbour said...

The first photo has been probably taken from Hungerford Bridge leading to the Embankment station, not the Westminster Bridge.

All the best,

Michael Dembinski said...

Hmmm... Can't remember now. But checking on Google Earth, I'd guess that with a long lens, that's Hungerford Bridge (the foot bridge part of it) in the foreground, in front of Big Ben?