Saturday, 18 August 2007

By bike to Czachówek again

Eddie and I set off for Czachówek from home on our bikes. After half an hour, we were in Jazgarzewszczyzna, a village, which at 17 letters long, has the longest single-word place name in Poland (above). Trying to find a more direct route than the one we took last time, we strayed too near the railway line south of Piaseczno and found ourselves cut off by rivers and fishponds. Below: Eddie looking for a way out of a trackless field.

Finally, after about three hours, we arrived at Czachówek Poludniowy for the train home. Next station is Czachówek Górny, which overlooks the abandoned station at Czachówek Srodkowy (below). To the east was another station, Czachówek Wschodni, now also abandoned.

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