Friday, 31 August 2007

Last ride to work, summer 2007

Once the school holidays began, I'd ride my bicycle to work whenever I could. On Monday the school run begins again, three weeks later we'll cross the Equinox, nights will get longer, days colder. But this week, I managed three round trips to work, each of at least 36km. Cycle path nearly all the way - from home, through the Las Kabacki forest, into Ursynów, along al. KEN, then Dolina Sluziewiecka, Belwederska (the quiet stretch pictured above), past Lazienki park, down Agricola, and on to the office. If not too tired on the way home, I'd do a longer run through the forest; beautiful at this time of year, sunny, not too hot.

But that's it for 2007 - back on the bike commuting (hopefully) late next June.

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