Friday, 17 August 2007


Back home to ul. Trombity after three weeks in the UK. The seasons are moving on; life moves on. The field of oats next door has been harvested, the day is shorter by over two hours. But this happens every year.

More ominous in terms of civilisation encroaching on our NIMBY* heaven is the imminent tarmacking over of ul. Kórnicka at the north end of ul. Trombity.

What until last month was an unpaved, pock-marked dirt track - muddy in autumn and spring, dusty in summer, axle-deep in snow in winter - will now be a proper road. Rat-running commuters will be using our road as a short-cut between ul. Karczunkowska and ul. Baletowa. C'est la vie.

UPDATE - September 2008. This has indeed happened. Each morning, just after 07:30, there's a queue of ten to 12 cars at the top end of ul. Kórnicka waiting to turn into ul. Baletowa.

* For my non-native English speaking readers, 'NIMBY' is an acronym - 'Not In My Back Yard'. Progress by all means, but not at the expense of MY lifestyle.

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