Friday, 21 September 2007

Road to Luków

What a ride! I had to deliver a business presentation today in Luków, a town in the north of Lubelskie province, 120km from Warsaw. Under a near-cloudless sky, the road from Garwolin to Luków was almost devoid of traffic (above). My favourite bits of road are those that wind through forests, with double white lines separating the two-lane blacktop (below).

The journey home was magickal. The sunset, landscape and road, took me back to another time, again to 1950s USA. Below: Leaving Luków, around 6pm. Replace the VW Golfs, Nissan Almeras and Renault Kangoos with Oldsmobiles, Plymouths and Desotos and there it is!

About half an hour later, the sun went down. Listening to Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue' (tylko!), the ideal aural accompaniment to twilight travel, in particular the tracks So What? and Flamenco Sketches.

I am at one with the universe.

Serenity reigns. A beautiful moment.

(Above:) Near the town of Wilchta. (I needed to double-check the roadsign - no, not Wichita.) A long exposure gives an exaggerated effect of road-rush; in reality I was driving quite slowly. The road at twilight is indeed an inspiration.

"Radio relay towers, c'mon lead me to my baby." Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen is the soundtrack to driving after nightfall. Just before the town of Osieck are these radio masts. What are they broadcasting? Wolfman Jack? Pappy O'Daniel's Flour Hour? The romance of the airwaves lingers on in the imagination.

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