Monday, 17 September 2007

Return to Zamienie

Last autumn, Moni, Eddie and I discovered the inner secrets of Zamienie, the former vaccine plant to the east of Jeziorki. We trespassed our way into it, looking through the various buildings that still await the developer's demolition teams. The place still has a faintly sinister air about it. Note the rows of poplars planted around the perimeter to keep it safe from prying eyes. It was built in the late 1940s; local legends tell of biological warfare production, although these rumours have not been substantiated. Above: The two stable blocks that held cattle from which the vaccines were produced. We investigated these last November, before and after the roof tiles were taken off. The buildings contained stalls, hay, and labs. Since then, little has changed other that the buildings have weathered. The far end of the field, visible behind the second stable, has been fenced off (bottom right of Google Earth map below). The map was made in spring 2002; since then much new building has gone on in the area (within white lines). Soon it will be the turn of the vaccine plant itself to yield to development.

Looking at Google Earth at ( 52° 6'44.89"N, 20°58'22.13"E), with the 'Geographic Web' feature enabled, you can see two photos from last autumn uploaded via Panoramio.

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