Saturday, 8 September 2007

Coal train running

The third, unelectrified, track that runs through Jeziorki, is a freight-only line linking the goods siding at Warszawa Okecie with the power station at Siekierki. Trains using this privately-run line take wagons full of coal one way and return empty the other. In summer, the coal trains tend to be short; in winter they are up to 40 laden wagons, pulled by more powerful locomotives. [Caption for anoraks: Polish Fablok-built SM 42 2956 in PCC livery hauls a rake of 20 coal wagons from W-wa Okecie to Siekierki via Konstancin-Jeziorna; Saturday 8 September 2007, 18:21 CET. Below: Russian-built TEM2 065 at the head of a 40-wagon train headed for Siekierki, Sunday 16 September, 17:26 CET)]

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