Friday, 14 September 2007

Week before equinox

Today is just over a week before the autumnal equinox. A bright sky woke me up early, in time for a perfect sunrise. The sun has been rising further and further south along the horizon since the summer solstice on 21 June (below). In a week's time (23 September, actually), sunrise will be at around 06:30, sunset at 18:30. All over the world, the day will be (roughly) 12 hours, long, night time the same. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, via the equator.

[I feel the need to mark the passing on 12 September of Bobby Byrd, James Brown's long-serving sideman, who features in most of the Greatest Man Who Ever Moved's great cultural gifts to mankind. "Bobby - the groove is so great" (Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing) "Byrd - we've got an outtasight tune comin' up" (Escape-ism). Without Bobby Byrd, James Brown would not have left us the heritage he did.]

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