Saturday, 11 October 2008

A ditch runs through it

South of the railway linking Warsaw's Metro to the outside world, past ul. Oberka, there's a drainage ditch, part of a network dug to drain local fields and to carry rainwater to a pond on ul. Sztajerki. Weather has been most clement these past three weekends; the two and half week cold damp snap of mid September was but a short and unpleasant interlude.

Babie lato is back. Temperature hit +18C in the afternoon, very pleasant for the time of year. As I walked these fields today, the late afternoon scents my nose was picking up alternated from summer to autumn.

Below, left: the pond into which the ditches drain. Soon a motorway will be built here, the main Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow motorway. The first part of the work will be connecting a junction with the new S7 (Puławska bis), just south of Okęcie airport. This suburban idyll will soon be gone.

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➔ Sill Scaroni said...

Very beautiful pics.
Greetings from Brasil.