Friday, 17 October 2008

Lublin continues to work its charm

What a contrast to Białystok. Lublin - busy, interesting, friendly. The presence of four big universities means plenty of students who need plenty of bars, located in a picturesque old town, driving business outside of the out-of-tourist-season, which in turn means more investment. Above: it may be autumn, but when the sun shines, it brings out the beauty in the old town.

Above: The Czech restaurant in the old town, where the speakers and organisers of today's conference on public-private partnerships had their post-event lunch. Part of its appeal (apart from a huge variety of Czech and Slovak specialty beers, gut-filling knedliki, deep fried cheeses and French fries with mayo) is the running gag about how funny Czech sounds to the Polish ear. The menu, for instance, contains kurcakove pofrudelka (chicken wings). Probably made up (like drevny kocur = squirrel), but guaranteed to make Poles laugh.

Crashing change of gear. Bits of Lublin are still unrestored and evoke the atmosphere of this tragic city from the time of the Holocaust. But building by building, the heart of the old town is being made jollier, more tourist friendly, but, as I said on earlier visits, something is being lost. Before it goes, it needs to be recorded.

This time last year:
First frost [not had one yet in 2008]

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