Thursday, 2 October 2008

Puławska by night

Returning from work after a futile attempt to buy toner for our laser printer, I ended up waiting for a 809 bus home on ul. Puławska by the King Cross* (!) shopping centre. This bus comes once every half an hour (a reason more people don't use it?), so while waiting I took this long exposure (20 seconds at f22) photo. As the 20 seconds came to an end, a 709 bus pulled into the frame. I was interested to see the result; as you can see, the basic shot (traffic, neons) is augmented by the ghostly light of the bus and reflections of neon signs behind me. A fortuitous compostion, much better than the one I'd planned!

[*What twit named it King Cross (as opposed to King's Cross)? And was that person not aware of King's Cross's seedy reputation?]

1 comment:

claire said...

What twit ? Perhaps the same twit who named the King Cross shopping centre on the outskirts of Gdansk... It has been renamed to something easier for locals and ex-pats alike ...