Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Most Poniatowskiego

Looking at this time of year like a fairy tale castle rather than a key bit of Warsaw's transport infrastructure, this is my favourite bridge over the Vistula. Blown up twice, rebuilt twice, the Poniatowski bridge and the area around it has a unique atmosphere, a blend of industrial revolution meets high renaissance (only the Dom Luis cast iron arch bridge over the River Douro in Oporto, Portugal, beats it from among bridges I've seen, but then I've not been to Brooklyn).

Beyond the Poniatowski bridge is a parallel railway bridge, and at its western end W-wa Powiśle station. It's here I'm heading, to catch the train home to W-wa Jeziorki.


KG said...

My Organization had definite conception of "cartouches reconstuction" 2 years ago, but it's gone through construction problems =/
is general the most interesting website of pre-war Warsaw architecture, especially "Fotoplan'35" section.

Michael Dembinski said...

Very interesting indeed! Some excellent history there - worth a closer look.