Saturday, 3 January 2009

Now that's what I call winter vol.12

What a beautiful sight met my eyes as I opened the curtains this morning: winter as it should be. Time for breakfast, scan the paper, some light household duties, and off with the camera to snap some Jeziorki winter magic.

Sunshine and snow; the perfect winter combination. I stroll to the north end of ul. Trombity, turn left into the footpath that is the continuation of ul. Kórnicka and cross the tracks, headed for Zamienie.

The wind is from the north-west; it's beginning to cloud over. Air temperature is -2C, slight windchill (-3C). Overnight low was -6C, so not one of the coldest nights I've experienced in my 12 winters in Poland.

This is a view along ul. Kórnicka, across the tracks. As I mentioned last month, the far end of this road, where it joins ul. Dawidowska in Zamienie, has been renamed ul. Sikorki. Just about visible in the distance are large mounds of earth, delivered to the building site on Dawidowska.

Returning from Zamienie by way of Dawidy Bankowe. Above: fields between Dawidy Bankowe and ul. Trombity. Splash of green in the field on the left is spring onions.

Left: On the pedestrian railway crossing on ul. Kórnicka, looking towards ul. Baletowa and W-wa Dawidy station. A Belavia Boeing 737 approaches Okęcie airport.

This time last year:
Winter train
The day becomes noticeably longer
So cold the lock freezes on the inside

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