Monday, 22 June 2009

Dobra in the drizzle

It's been the wettest, dullest June since we first arrived in Poland. Eddie and I have returned to Dobra, a place we've come to feel very much at home in. We reach Dobra on Sunday evening, the longest day of the year. We should be celebrating midsummer, but there's little cheer in the weather.

Above: The Łososina river is swollen, though still metres away from bursting its banks. We hear that year by year, the water levels in this river have been falling.

Walking around Dobra waiting for the weather to clear. No chance says the TV weathergirl - the sunshine will arrive on Saturday. Drizzle gives way to rain; then the rain relents and is replaced by drizzle. Exactly like North Wales in July.

We return to our guest house (highly recommended, our third stay here in 12 months) and do something we almost never, ever do - watch television.

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RennyBA said...

First of all, thanks for your visit and nice comment acknowledging my blog and also for the add at VerVe.

I have a lot of blog friends - all over the world - but I think your the first one from Poland.

You really have a great blog too and I can tell, I have a lot to learn from you - keep up the good work.

Talking about Summer Solstice: I was celebrating in Sweden - your welcome over to check it out :-)