Monday, 29 June 2009

Three hill walks around Dobra

For three days in a row (Saturday, Sunday, Monday), Eddie and I climbed to the summits of the three nearest hills surrounding Dobra - Łopień (951), Ćwilin (1071m) and Śnieżnica (1007m)

Saturday was the wettest day, the forestry tracks in the hills were very muddy; our footwear proved stout - non-slip and waterproof. Above: on our way towards the top of Łopień. Eddie proved himself very fit when it comes to hill-walking. Every so often, I'd have to break into a run to keep up with him.

Sometimes we'd follow the paths, at others, we'd head through the trees towards the highest point. In circumstances such as these, a mobile high-res GoogleEarth and GPS solution would be ideal. Common sense suggests that it's easy to find the way up (to reach summit just keep climbing until you can do so no longer); it's harder finding the right way down.

Despite the showers, it was warm. At the summit, a large meadow and a ghastly plague of flies. Below: Camera pointed up from chest-height into the middle of the swarm of flies. There was no escaping them, save a swift descent into the trees.

At least they were not biting. Some corks dangling from the brim of my Australian-style bush-hat would have helped!

The weather was better on Sunday. Above: View of the village of Jurków, with Łopień to the left, seen from the lower slopes of Ćwilin. Fewer flies today. We walked into Jurków and ordered a pizza each at the restaurant there - a mistake, as the wood-stove pizzas were so gigantic that even after a two-hour hike, we couldn't finish them. Price per pizza (depending on topping): a mere two-three quid).

Monday's walk began in the mid-afternoon, after the rains had passed. We left Dobra and headed west along the DK28 before turning right into a road running uphill, which passed this house. Then we turned left into the wooded slopes, navigating on the basis that we had to keep moving uphill. The sun beat down on sodden earth, which smelt of cow's breath.

After a steep scramble to get onto the ridge the runs along the top of Śnieżnica, the path took us through dense forests, which prevented a decent view to either side. Eventually, we reached the ski slope that we'd ski'd on in January (below), walking down it this time to Kasina Wielka. From there we continued along the railway track until we reached the DK28.

Where to stay in Dobra: Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Zofia Nowak (tel: +48 18 333 0117). An excellent place, excellent value for money. Please mention me when booking!

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