Wednesday, 24 June 2009

On foot to Limanowa

Unlike last year, where we had a wonderful surprise upon climbing the hill to Dobra Station and finding a steam train there ready to depart to the railway musuem in Chabówka, this year the rails are still. I read some months back on the Polishrail blog that the line will not be used for tourist steam specials this season and is likely to be turned into a cycle path. Above: Dobra station, nothing happening.

Heading east from Dobra, we soon come across a bridge over the Łososina river (above), certainly not a walk for those suffering from vertigo.

The Kolej Transwersalna, like many railways running through hilly terrain, offers ever-changing vistas; not knowing what's around the next bend makes the walk all the more interesting. Below: the last bend before Tymbark; two signals are still lit, although a train hasn't run over this line since January.

Below: the track straightens out before Tymbark, the fruit-juice town. Eddie shows amazing stamina; he walks at my pace and it's impossible to wear him out. On a breakfast of six strawberry pierogi and cream, washed down with a coffee and a Pepsi, he managed to cover over 20km today.

Below: Looking back towards Tymbark across another river bridge. The fruit juice company would do well to tidy up the back of its factory; it's not a good advertisement for its products.

Below: Looking towards Piekiełko (literally 'Little Hell') station, between Tymbark and Limanowa. In the window of the station building is a timetable from 2002.

Below: The line runs uphill into Limanowa, which is quite a large town, spread out over a large area. Limanowa itself is a drear town spoilt by poorly-designed advertising hoardings with a plethora of typefaces and colours. Eddie and I had a swift snack at a petrol station before taking the first minibus back to Dobra.

Below: abandoned track, between Kasina Wielka and Mszana Dolna. A nice study in contrasting textures; moss, iron, wood, flowers, stone.

A few days later, Eddie walked another section of the track, from Kasina Wielka towards Mszana Dolna, as far as the DK28 road. Together with the stretch we walked last summer, we've now covered some 22km of this railway on foot; and it's well worth it. Below: Looking back towards Kasina, the track curves across a short river bridge.

Below: the track dips down towards Mszana Dolna. Definitely worth walking this way before either the rails get lifted or train services resume again.


Island1 said...

Following my earlier comment and your reply I had a closer look at the PKP website and discovered the regional rail maps. On the strength of these I was considering a journey along this very line. Seems I am too late. Looks like a fine hike though.

Michael Dembinski said...

Jamie - you may be able to catch some steam specials along this beautiful line. All depends on the Chabowka museum's new owner, the Malopolskie province.

Future of this line? Read this article...