Monday, 10 August 2009

Dove in the house

Moni's excited shouts had Eddie and me running up stairs double quick. A dove (presumably one from across the road) had flown into our house and was rather comfortable about it. It was evidently used to humans as it allowed us quite near and I even managed to pick it up. And it was clean too - leaving two small whoopsies in the house, neither of which soiled any rugs or bedding, only easy-to-wipe wooden floors.

It must have been slightly disorientated, as it flew into Eddie's room rather than out onto the balcony and freedom. In the end, it allowed me to gently pick it up and place it on the balcony, where it dined on a handful of muesli and fell asleep. By the morning, it had flown off, presumably across the road to its pigeon loft.

Below: The following evening, our dove was back with the flock, doing what it loves doing best - swooping, diving, soaring, racing around in a huge circle around its dovecote.

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