Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The land, the light

Never, ever, move without your camera. This afternoon was dismal. Rainy and dull, when popping out for lunch, I had an intense flashback memory to Coventry, April 1977, when I was a first-year student. The air temperature, humidity, greyness of the sky - it all clicked. Later, as I was about to cycle home, the heavens truly opened, rain bouncing off the asphalt in plumes of white. No thunder though. Camera around my neck, but protected by my Gore-Tex waterproof cycle jacket. Trousers utterly sodden through and through however.

Upon reaching Jeziorki, the rain ceased, and a low sun broke through, sending bright red rays through the clean air. There was a marvellous smell; the smell that you only register in the countryside after a heavy rainfall.

And that light; the quality of that evening sunlight, strong, red, fading. Out comes the faithful Nikon D40. It's bulkier than a digital compact, but it's a proper camera, and for a proper camera it's light and easy to use. Highly recommended.

Left: Our house, lit by a sinking sun. In the foreground, the oatfield, harvested. Above, a regional jetliner coming into land at Warsaw Okęcie airport.

It's 20 to 8. In a little over a month's time, it will be dark at quarter past six. Make the most of the long summer evenings while you can; drear autumn is just around the corner.


Kerry Bryne said...

I really like the colors that you captured in the photo of your house. As you said, must always carry your camera just in case.

Anonymous said...

Nice subdued color Michael. No mole hills evident!

We are headed to ride the 'Romantische Straße'for about 2 weeks in Sept. The camera will be at the ready in the handlebar bag of the bike for sure.