Monday, 24 August 2009

The first notes of autumn in the air

I awoke just after six to find mist in the garden and fields behind our house. A late summer/early autumn morning; equinox is less than a month away. I shall write more about the onset of autumn anon, when I really start to feel it. Now, it is still but an early intimation. Above: View from the balcony. Click on it see it full size; it really is quite atmospheric. The garden is full of spiders' webs with some huge specimens on them!

Last week saw the opening of further stretches of cycle path along ul. Puławska. Each new section civilises the city further. Today's good weather brought plenty of cyclists out, though none are evident in this photo. Above: the cycle path crosses ul. Poleczki. Raz, dwa, lewa, prawa/Co raz bliżej jest Warszawa!

Cycling burns up calories, so on my way home I have an excuse to pop in for some Kentucky Fried Chicken. Below: The Honda power tools showroom and offices, caught by the last rays of the setting sun.

It won't be long until sunset is so early I'll not be able to leave the office in good time to reach home in daylight - and that is when this season's cycling will cease. There's a couple of weeks left.
Although it's still warm enough to cycle both ways without an outer garment over my shirt, as I approached the house this evening, I found myself cycling in and out of pockets of cooler air. Autumn is approaching at a tentative pace.

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Anonymous said...

I've been struck by the first tenuous intimations of Autumn waiting in the wings - leaves falling in abundance into my flower borders; that delicious closure to the evening as one becomes surprised at how early it darkens. Reflective hints in the evening air; fickle and elusive Summer behind us and as you rightly say, fecund spiders a'hanging in the garden, rich with their dapplings and markings; their abdomens exquisite and taut. I smell Autumn and with it the promise of suburban reveries and spiritual illuminations and its dazzling tapestry of colours and sounds and 'Awarenesses'.This time of anticipation and transition is supremely special.