Thursday, 3 September 2009

Jeziorki roadworks

It's been a little remiss of me not to mention current developments in Jeziorki. The sewer running along ul. Karczunkowska (WHICH IS STILL NOT CONNECTED TO UL. TROMBITY!) is being extended westwards, underneath the railway tracks. Two wells have been dug, one on either side of the rails, and a tunnel is being dug to join the two sides. Below: looking west towards the excavations and the tracks from our side of ul. Karczunkowska.

To facilitate the work, the eastbound carriageway of ul. Karczunkowska has been closed to traffic. HURRAH! It has all been diverted via Zamienie and Dawidy Bankowe to ul. Baletowa. Eastbound 715 and 809 buses have been diverted this way. The buses go down ul. Baletowa, turn left into ul. Jeziorki, then, via ul. Ludwinowska they emerge onto ul. Puławska, nearly two and half kilometres closer to town than usual.

Above: half of the width of Karczunkowska is taken up with the tunnel shaft. Only west-bound traffic can use the stretch of road from Zamienie to ul. Buszczyka.

The bus diversions meant that Jeziorki residents living around ul. Karczunkowska were deprived of town-bound buses (other than the 319 which runs from W-wa Jeziorki to Wilanowska for two hours in the morning and the N83 night bus). The 319 is useless for school and work anyway - the first scheduled service passes our stop at 08:06 - way too late.

So bus operator ZTM, under pressure from local inhabitants, has brought in a replacement bus service, the Z-9. Which runs all day, although only as far as Ursynów Zachodni, by the Real hypermarket. But again the bus is badly timed for school and work. There's one at 06:49 (too early), next one's at 07:39 (too late).

Below: The short and temporary route of the Z-9. The bus will continue to run, and the 715 and 809 will continue to be diverted, until the sewer construction is done. In the meantime, a bit of inconvenience leavened with some variety.

I should also mention that a new bus route was launched this week - the 739, which runs from Metro Wilanowska, along ul. Puławska to Julianów. This is good, as it increases the number of buses heading our way by another two-three an hour. Between 17:00 and 18:00, there's now a total of 17 buses leaving Metro Wilanowska for ul. Karczunkowska. Not bad! Now all that's needed is to put a bus lane along ul. Puławska so that these buses can run faster.
Incidentally, tagging this post with 'development', I've noticed just how little development has been going on around Jeziorki these past months. Apart from scattered starts of new-build detatched housing, there's no big projects underway around here. And a good thing too!


Marcin said...

Howdy Michael,

Are ya sure, that this is gonna be a tunnel? Though, as I got a knowledge that's a sewage system establishment.


Michael Dembinski said...

I looked down the holes at both sides! Plus, I can't see rail traffic between Warsaw and Radom/ Kielce/ Kraków being disrupted just because the inhabitants of Zamienie want their plop-plops disposed of properly:-)

Dyspozytor said...

Have you been down the shafts? This would confirm the story one way or another. Also is there a small narrow gauge railway in the tunnel? If you do go down could you please measure the gauge?

Michael Dembinski said...

The eastern shaft is flooded. The western one is being pumped dry this morning. There is a long helical screw in action, a company that does 'microtunnelling' is doing the work.

My guess is that a 60cm gauge railway is being built in the tunnel, so it can shuttle pedestrians safely underneath the main line whenever the barriers are down :-)