Friday, 18 September 2009

More views along the S2/S79

Weatherwise, this week in mid-September takes some beating. Apart from some early mist and low cloud yesterday, the sun shone, it was still one-layer hot, and it stayed so today. Not to have cycled to work would have been to waste God's beneficence. Before setting off this morning, I discovered on Google Earth that the route I'd taken from work on Wednesday evening was actually a whole km shorter than my usual one through Ursynów. This entails a ride across Pole Mokotowskie, down ul. Żwirki i Wigury, across Sasanki, then parallel to the railway line all the way to Jeziorki. 16km. So I tried the same route back to the office (and indeed home again), and it brought much in the way of spiritual satisfaction. Quieter, more rural, and a chance to see how the Elka roadbuilding is coming on.
Above: View looking east from ul. Karnawał towards the railway line. The S2/S79 was cleared by spring, since then, water has gathered in huge ponds here and there along the route. The S2 will run along this stretch, from Węzeł Lotnisko to the west, to Węzeł Puławska in the east.
Above: Past the level crossing keeper's house on ul. Wirażowa, and looking north along what will be the S79. In the distance, the viaduct over the railway lines. Below: approaching the viaduct. Okęcie cargo terminal is to the left, just out of shot.

Below: Past PKP Okęcie station, looking north along the S79 corridor towards ul. Sasanki. Soon, this empty desert will be covered with asphalt and thousands of cars and hour will be streaming south out of Warsaw this way. Between this point and ul. Sasanki in the distance runs the single railway line connecting Okęcie airport's avgas terminus with the rail network. The road will flyover the tracks, as well as the new line linking the airport to the passenger rail network.

Below: cycling home this evening, signs that work is indeed underway. Piledrivers on the stretch of the S79 between ul. Wirażowa and the railway line, caught in low sunlight.

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