Monday, 14 September 2009

A new way to work

I had an e-mail from Marcin, who lives in Kabaty (after four years in the UK), who suggested that I try the cyclepath along ul. Rosoła. My initial reaction was - it's a whole lot longer than the Al. KEN path. But I tried it, for the sake of variety (someone once said that jazz was like taking a different route to work every day). In the end, it this route is a mere 150 metres longer (18km door-to-door). And nicer! (Compare to Friday's post.)

Ul. Rosoła runs parallel to Al. KEN, though further east. There's less traffic, fewer pedestrians, no metro stations, fewer traffic lights. While the weather is holding up well, the sun is noticeably earlier in its setting, ten minutes earlier than on Friday.

Home again. Crossing ul. Puławska, I catch this sunset with a plane taking off against two vapour trails. It will not be too long now before the sun sets at six and I'm forced to leave the office at five pm sharp like some clock-watching government employee. Back on the bike to cycle to work tomorrow - the daytime high is forecast to be +25C!

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