Tuesday, 16 March 2010

City centre; afternoon, dusk, night

Moving around town between meetings by bus and tram and foot. The light was, like yesterday, perfect, especially in the late afternoon, streaming in strongly from the west. Above: The Palace of Culture.

Right: Rondo ONZ 1, my favourite Warsaw tower. In contrast to this modern design, in the foreground a Konstal 13N tram (the oldest examples of which are over 50 years old).

Left: Rondo ONZ 1 photographed from the 14th floor of the Deloittes building on Al. Jana Pawła II (or Jana Pawła Marchlewskiego, as some older taxi drivers still insist on referring to it).

The Ernst & Young sign on the tower is in response to an even bigger Deloitte logo facing it. Competition eh? The photo was shot through a plate-glass window, so the sky's blotchy on the right.

Below: Stepping out into the dusk, Warsaw's Central Business District is coming alive. This part of the city is looking very modern. And less than eight miles from Jeziorki!

And just one street away, a journey back in time to the 1950s. Below: Stalinist architecture and a state-owned (!) furniture store, Stołeczne Przedsiębiorstwo Handlu Wewnętrznego 'Meble Emilia' (The Capital City Enterprise of Internal Trade Furniture Emilia) on ul. Emilii Plater. Love that logo.

Let's have a better look at it... LOVE THAT LOGO!


thestuffinbetween said...

Yes, that is an outstanding logo! Makes me happy for no reason. It's sort of like baby alphabet blocks on steroids. Maybe that's the subconscious, warm-fuzzy factor.

Paulina Wawrzyńczyk said...

Logo fajne, ale ten budynek uwiera pomiędzy dwoma drapaczami... Ulica Emilii Plater jest paskudna, a urzędnicy nadal problemu nie widzą. Lepiej patrzeć tylko w górę;) Przyjemne zdjęcia!

PolishMeKnob said...

Good Lord, you have talent.