Friday, 12 November 2010

Another happy return to Dobra

I've been waiting for weeks to get back to Dobra; the perfect antidote to long hours at work and that malaise brought on by the rapidly-shortening daylight hours. (The busiest time of year in the office is between early September and mid-December.) Eddie, Sabina and I arrived at Dobra yesterday just after 3pm, to be met by friendly familiar faces and some lunch. Afterwards, a chance to grab the last moments of the dying day.

Above: looking down on the DK28 road as it snakes through Dobra and up towards Gruszowiec, between Ćwilin (left) and Śnieżnica (right). Some hill walking awaits!

After a massive supper washed down with wine, we retire. I manage to sleep 12 hours. There is indeed something about Dobra that brings about perfect rest.

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