Saturday, 13 November 2010

Śnieżnica in autumn

Strong sunlight and strong winds howling through the trees. Clouds moving rapidly across the sky. Ideal weather for climbing Śnieżnica (1,006 m above sea level) to the top.

Above: Looking east from the lower slopes of Śnieżnica; to the left the northern flanks of Ćwilin, beyond lies Łopień. Below: In the distance, beyond the slopes of Ćwilin, Mogielica's peak; the observation tower visible at the summit of the highest mountain of the Beskid Wyspowy. (Click on photo to enlarge.) We were up there yesterday in winds even stronger than today.

We reach the top of the chairlifts that take skiers up Śnieżnica from Kasina Wielka in winter, and mountainbikers up on summer weekends. Warm up the top; +15C.

At this time of year the mountain was deserted, just a handful of hikers and a rather sad parade of 4x4 drivers using V8 engines to drag themselves to the top. What a waste of time, petrol and machinery.

Below: view from the very top of Śnieżnica, obscured by a crown of trees. A shame, for on the horizon from here one can see Kraków, 40km/25miles away, its buildings picked out in the distance by strong sunlight.

Right: On the way down, sunshine still with us. Walking conditions most comfortable, footpath not too slippery, trees screening us from the worst of the gales.

Sabina and I were both properly equipped with decent walking boots; Eddie however left home in a pair of branded trainers and yet still managed to set the pace, sure-footed over the rocks.

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Michael - always nice to follow your adventures!