Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Polish-Canadian commemoration of 11/11

Tomorrow Poland marks Independence Day, the 92nd anniversary of the re-emergence of a Polish State from Russian, German and Austrian partition at the end of WWI. By this morning the flags were already out all over Warsaw. Returning from a meeting this afternoon, I was passing by the Canadian Embassy (in background of picture below) when I came across a small but moving joint commemoration of Armistice Day and Poland's Independence day.

As well as a group of military attaches from the NATO embassies in Warsaw (below), there were also a number of Polish WWII veterans of the armed forces in the west, and their families. Most of the veterans gathered today fought alongside General Maczek in the 1st Armoured Division, who stayed in the west after the war and emigrated to Canada. There was one veteran from the September 1939 campaign. All looked remarkably well and fit for their age - not a walking stick to be seen!

The ceremony was held by a monument consisting of two boulders, one from Poland and one from Canada (in photo top) commemorate the Polish and Canadian soldiers who fought side-by-side in WWII.

Off to Dobra for a few days - hope to post something from the mountains.

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