Monday, 13 December 2010

Life without a computer

Just a holding post from the office; on Friday night the computer's power supply unit failed (zasilacz - a neater one-word Polish term for the item). On Saturday morning I took the computer round to the shop in Ursynów to get it fixed - how quickly it will be ready depends on whether a) they can easily find a replacement for the part b) if there's not something else amiss, such as the motherboard or processor, or ventilation etc. Until the computer's back in the house - no more substantive (merytoryczny - another useful Polish term generally unavailable to the English speaking world) posting. Apologies for not replying to e-mails sent to me over the weekend.

The children took the news of a broken-down computer badly. "Without Facebook or Google, WE WILL DIE!" wailed Moni. Shades of "Dad, F-Troop's fuzzy" from A Serious Man.

TV I can well do without. But not having a computer with Internet access these days is akin to a lack of hot and cold running water.


Anonymous said...

Wondered what happened...

Winter finally struck around here. Copious amounts of rain fell on Sunday (+4 C) and then temps fell precipitously over night. This morning it was -23. Yikes. All four doors of the car were frozen shut.

Anonymous said...

Michael - you are always welcome here if you need to get on-line. I think it is however a good experience for the kids!

And you are right, it is like the necessity of hot and cold running water - we just recycled ALL of our phone books!


adthelad said...

Now this is where an iphone or android phone (with home wifi) comes into its own. Don't tell the kids :)

(Oh and I discover the statistic I quoted re perceived daily corruption was correctly recalled from that on-line newspaper but I can't find anything so far to substantiate it, whilst the transparency international report for 2010 is just as you stated).

Anonymous said...

Yes, we can’t live without computers and TVs are becoming obsolete. I think you need to ask Santa to get you a set of new computers for Christmas. I would also suggest setting up an easy home network with a router and an external hard drive for backup, in an event your PC crashes for good. I just bought one with 1TB (terabyte) storage. Imagine all the photos you could store on it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the enforced temporary return to the old ways! Technology has curtailed your blogging!

Read a novel or better still - write one! Contemplate life in general, retrench, decoroate the lounge, look forward with awe to next yr's blogging! Praise the Lord that we are alive!