Saturday, 4 December 2010

Winter wildlife, Jeziorki

The swans and storks have long since flown south for the winter. In early October I was out and about with long lens looking for wildlife; a local farmer told me that 'ptactwa już nie ma' ('the birds have all flown'). But then pheasants are perennial around here.

This chap (above) was foraging in the field next to our house; I caught him with long lens from my bedroom window this morning. A reminder to feed the birds at this time of year. Below: A flock of crows that had been hanging around the apple trees in the adjacent field take off and fly to the poplars across the road.

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Anonymous said...

Remarkable pheasant photo - it struck me more like a fine painting - like something by Charles Tunnicliffe or similar- especially with the way the proud bird's disposition and mien has been captured so astutely, along with the fine-flecked colours. An excellent photographic study.