Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A glorious month

Before and after sunrise - below: 6:09, twenty minutes before the sun rose above Las Kabacki forest; strands of mist rising over the fields between our house and the state security printing plant (PWPW). At 6:28, now a full 48 minutes after I wake up, the sun rises. The speed with which the day shortens is frightening - though the clement weather these last few weeks makes the encroaching darkness more palatable somehow.

Below: the same view - just zoomed out a bit and panned to the right - four minutes after sunrise. The day looks poised to be a good one - and indeed, the temperature tops 23C for the second day in a row. September has been most kind. The Las Kabacki's forest trails have dried out; the water table has lowered - but ul. Dumki is still impassable without wellies.

As I return home, I get caught in heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightning that had been predicted for Warsaw several hours later. By the purest stroke of luck, I have an umbrella with me. The rain on the dry soil smells good - one of those wonderful smells that triggers nostalgic flashbacks. Time to be very, very thankful.

This time last year:
My grandfather

This time two years ago:
My home-made fixie bike

This time three years ago:
Well-shot pheasants

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