Sunday, 18 September 2011

Waiting for autumn

Just days left before the astronomical end of summer 2011, the weather has held up perfectly. Although the sky was covered by a light, milky, haze today, the temperature hit a very pleasant 24C (one layer of clothing weather). Yesterday, the sky was clearer, but it was not as warm (19C high). So - time to get out and about and catch the klimat. A brisk walk is in order.

Above: the kind of rural crossroads at which Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil at midnight in exchange for the ability to play blues guitar. Out on the far horizon, the 500,000 Watt radio station where "Pappy" O'Daniel, governor, would transmit Old Timey music interspersed with political advertising.

Above: looking down the line towards Jeziorki. Koleje Mazowieckie, or the Pennsylvania Railroad?

Above: the sun sets in a sky criss-crossed by the tracks of jet airliners. Three more sunsets this summer. What will autumn bring?

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