Sunday, 16 October 2011

First frost

It happens around this time of year - the first night during which temperatures fall below freezing. A clear sky, high pressure system, no winds... and I wake up to find szron (frost) on the lawn and on the cars. A lovely day to get out and about. While at two o'clock in the afternoon I'm feeling a bit foolish for inserting the quilted lining into my M-65 field jacket, by sunset I'm regretting not taking a pair of gloves with me.

Still, the light is wonderful; a cloudless sky for much of the day and more to come tomorrow. The sublime mood becomes me - that glorious sense of wonder; a consciousness moving across the surface of the planet, at one with it all.

Above: Jeziorki, ul. Karczunkowska, by the railway crossing, half an hour after sunset.

This time four years ago:
First frost

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