Saturday, 14 January 2012

First snow in the Old Town

As Golden Autumn turned to cold greyness I promised a visit to the Old Town when the first snows started to settle on the cobbled streets. Today, though the temperature was only -1C, the wind was a damp northwesterly, the Old Town was calling.

Below: on the way, the junction of ul. Kozia (left) and Krakowskie Przedmieście (splendidly and tastefully lit, to the right). Fewer people than expected on a Saturday night, even in January. Some hardy souls out and about to capture the atmosphere, but no crowds.

Left: looking down ul. Kozia (notable for the caricature and cartoon museum) towards Krakowskie Przedmieście. In the distance on the corner (click to enlarge), Kino Kultura, a self-confessed art-house cinema run by the Polish Association of Film Makers.

Below: ul. Kanonia in the snowstorm. Howling winds made the evening feel much colder than it was.

Right: looking towards ul. Kanonia from ul. Dziekańska, the walls of Katedra Św. Jana (St John's Cathedral) on the left. With the temperature just below zero, wet patches on the roadway indicate where the hot water pipes are running just below the surface.

Below: view of the Barbakan, the Old Town's mid-16th Century defensive fortifications, from the Old Town walls.

Below: ul. Krzywe Koło (lit. 'Crooked Wheel Street'), with its 90 degree bend.

Below: ul. Piwna, back on the tourist trail, Christmas lighting and small gaggles of foreign-speaking visitors taking in the town.

When the snow starts a' fallin', Warsaw's worth a visit. Ideally, it should be a bit colder, so the snow's not so damp, no wind - or just enough to produce slight swirling; the best time of day? Just after sunset and early evening, before the nightlife kicks off. Annoyingly, my photos of ul. Rycerska didn't come out - too blurred - next time a tripod would come in handy, as the street is not well lit.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice Michael!

Ewa and her 2 sisters are heading that way tomorrow evening (Monday) - I hope the snow keeps up for them.


student SGH said...

I've last been to Warsaw Old Town in December 2010. It was Tuesday, around 7 p.m., temperature -7C and I was stunned by emptiness of the place - very few vistors roaming around. Compared to droves of people hanging around there on summer evenings, in the dead of winter the place is desolated...

Enjoy the winter wonderland, it won't last long, fortunately...

Anonymous said...

what beautiful pictures