Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My enemy's enemy is my... ?

The Przybył case gathers momentum. "Here's that gunshot again, viewers, in case you missed it last night. And again" - Bang! A day later, Col. Przybył's doing fine, conducting media interviews.

I watch with interest what would occur on Toyah's blog, the right-thinking antidote to what you're reading here (written by me, someone incapable of independent thought - brainwashed by years of reading Gazeta Wyborcza and watching TVN news. And growing up in the West.).

[To get my non-Polish readers up to speed on this story, here's the BBC report.]

Instead of lashing out at the System, the one that murdered President Lech Kaczyński, intriguingly, Toyah lashes out at... Artur Zawisza. Readers may associate him with the lighter moments of the PiS-LPR-Samoobrona government (2005-07). Zawisza will primarily be remembered as the politician who wanted to ban the wearing of mini-skirts alongside public highways. And this while his coalition partners from Samoobrona were busy offering jobs for sex.

What has Artur Zawisza done to offend Toyah? He's a splitter. SPLITTER! Along with Marek Jurek (Prawica Rzeczpospolitej), then Adam Bielan, Michał Kamiński, Paweł Poncyliusz and Joanna Kluzik-Rostowska (Polska jest Najważniejsza), and then Zbigniew Ziobro and Jacek Kurski (Solidarna Polska), Zawisza had the temerity to set up a rival right-wing party in opposition to PiS.

OK, Zawisza is a splitter - indeed proto-splitter, because he was one of the very first to break off from Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński. But what did he do to earn Toyah's opprobrium?

The key thing to remember as the Przybył case unfolds is that it is being presented by the media as the result of the conflict between the civilian and military prosecutor. Now, the civilian prosecutor-general, Andrzej Seremet, with whom the military prosecutor is at odds, was appointed by President Lech Kaczyński.

So... Seremet is our friend. Przybył and his boss Krzysztof Parulski, being at odds with him are... So whatever Przybył says is... ? Well? About Smoleńsk, about dodgy public procurement practices in the armed forces? About organised crime? True? Or an insane attempt to discredit Seremet, anointed by the martyred President?

This case will get curiouser and curiouser. Expect some fine conspiracy theories to emerge from all this!

Postscript, Wednesday 11 January: As predicted, we did not have to wait long. Read the comments of Jagoda B. Kidding on Toyah's post from today. Przybył did not shoot himself. (Something to do with the 9mm round in a NATO Parabellum)

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toyah said...

Come on! You should know better. This is the law. Kaczyński had been presented by the syndicate with two names - both fully unacceptable for him - and he was suppposed to pick one. He picked the less bad. This is how it works. Don't you know? Please!!!!

Michael Dembinski said...

@ Toyah:
So what was the nature of your gripe with Zawisza then?

toyah said...

You're not a very vivid reader, are you?
I always hated him. Everything on this matter was said on different occasions, but look tu,tu, and tu
This should do.
Buty please, don't tell me I am a drifter.

Neighbour said...

I thought this blog was free from this rubbish...
What a disappointment :-(

Andrzej K said...

A quick rereading of Adam Michnik's Dzieje honory w Polsce, written in prison and a polemic against the absolute truths spouted by the communists applies equally to the supposed divine truths as espoused by PiS and that businessman from Torun.

Nikt nam nie wmówi że czarne jest czarne a białe jest białe is probably the most telling of the Kaczyński drivel.

There is no such thing as absolute truth or a clear cut division into the wholly good and the enemy of the good. Otherwise why would the Catholic church espouse the possibility of last minute repentance and purgatory.

Yagotta B. Kidding said...

Michael, Adam, chodźcie do toyaha poćwiczyć język polski,