Monday, 9 January 2012

I understand... nothing

Just when I thought I had Poland well-understood, this happens. Now I'm utterly flummoxed.

Military prosecutor, Colonel Mikołaj Przybył, was holding a press conference about press leaks concerning information about the Smolensk air crash investigation, when he ushered out the media, saying he needed to air the room. There was a sound, which journalists took to be that of a camera crashing to the floor. They dashed in to find Col. Przybył lying on the floor. It looked like he'd taken his life...

Now TVN24 has just inferred that he shot himself through the cheek and he'll be out of hospital tomorrow. True? Or cover-up?

Hang on - a man with a gun and live ammunition is allowed to host a press conference? He was allowed to have a gun because there were threats to his family's life? This is getting weirder and weirder by the minute!

Grounds for conspiracy theorists (who've had a rather tough time over the past few months alleging that President Lech Kaczyński and 95 others were murdered, rather than being the victims of cock-up piled upon cock-up) have suddenly become fertile once more.

Gnash Dziennik has (as of this evening) nothing to say on the matter (lead story about TV Trwam not getting a digital licence).

Col. Przybyl has claimed that attempts were made to scare him - threats to his family, break-ins to his house, attacks on his car - by whom? To what end? "It's like Lenin said. Look for the person who will benefit. And, uh, you know, uh..."

I am the Walrus?

What's going on? Lot of ins, lot of outs, lot of what-have-yous. uh... Right now, I really don't know. I do know, however, that the conspiracy theories, having somewhat run out of steam (Russians filling the valley in front of the runway at Smolensk with helium etc) will resurface.

And with them the division between the "brainwashed" (brainwashed by Tusk, PO, Gazeta Wyborcza and TVN) and the "brainwashed" (brainwashed by Kaczyński, PiS, Gnash Dziennik and TV Trwam) get ever deeper.

This is going to be an interesting story.

I look forward to the regular battle of wits between the usual suspects...

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A rare PS: I notice a clear correlation between climate-change deniers and PiS supporters. Am I right?


adthelad said...

Keep slapping on the whitewash :)

basia said...

never a dull moment, it seems

Andrzej K said...

Let's just say that this may well be a follow on from Macierewicz's disastrous destruction of the military intelligence services leaving PiS yes men in charge. I may be wrong but who will know.

As to the attempt to commit suicide I am reminded that for some reason this was always a honourable option for the Polish military whilst in the UK only a cad would not face up to the consequences however awful the situation.

And finally why do the military prosecutors have any rights to investigate civilians?

adthelad said...

@AndrzejK - Disastrous? Are you on some other planet?
Wiki -
W 2006 Sejm podjął decyzję o likwidacji WSI (za było 375 posłów, przeciw 48)[1]. W miejsce WSI powołano SKW i SWW. Likwidatorem WSI został Antoni Macierewicz, nominowany także na stanowisko Wiceministra Obrony Narodowej. Zostały one ostatecznie zlikwidowane 30 września 2006 roku.
Wynikiem prac komisji weryfikacyjnej jest tzw. "Raport o działaniach żołnierzy i pracowników WSI" z 16 lutego 2007 roku, dokumentujący pozaprawne działania tych służb ( nielegalny handel bronią, udział w "mafii paliwowej"). Wraz z publikacją raportu do prokuratury zostało skierowane kilkanaście doniesień o popełnieniu przestępstwa. Informacje o tym w postaci tzw. przecieków trafiały do gazet i innych mediów jeszcze przed odtajnieniem i opublikowaniem raportu.

Andrzej K said...

Adthelad. The actions of Macierewicz were criminal. Irrespective of the political affiliations of the WSI they also (or only) supported Polish troops on security missions abroad. Also the satement by Macierewicz that older members of WSI were trained in Moscow is cretinous. Where were they supposed to be trained - Langley or maybe the mythical Sarrat? I strongly suggest reading Adam Michnik's Dzieje honoru w Polsce for a take on so called absolute truth.

How many deaths of soldiers and transplant patients as well as others were caused by the unholy trojca's publically avowed view of reality remain debatable

adthelad said...

@AndzrekK - none as far as I know. You have evidence to the contrary?

Andrzej K said...

There was a marked reduction in the number of critically injured patients willing to agree to donate organs. What more proof would you want?