Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dobra keeps calling

A chance to get away for a long weekend with Eddie to Dobra, to tramp our beloved Beskid Wyspowy, and to spend time at a place that does my soul a world of good. I must praise Dobra Chata, where we've stayed now - ooh... nine times now, since our first visit four years ago.

Six hours away by car from Warsaw, Dobra is a place where we both feel comfortable and very happy to be. The Nowak family, who run this establishment, are wonderful hosts and it's always great to come back to Dobra - I cannot recommend it more highly.

Above: Eddie, content on his favourite place in Dobra. A new litter of kittens makes the garden fun as they scamper around. And in the evening, a grill on an open fire, sausages, kaszanka (black pudding), karkówka (pork shoulder), an a nip (or three) of local pear eau de vie (50% abv). Happy as we were to take a rest, the main event of our brief visit was a walk to the top of Mogielica (1,180m above sea level). Below: the view from the top of the observation tower at the summit of the mountain.

Eddie and I made it to the top in one hour and 50 minutes, and back down in an hour and half. And we walked to the base of the path in Jurków from Dobra and back. In total, our journey took a little under five hours including rests along the way.

A shame we couldn't have stayed a day or two longer, but work beckons.

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