Sunday, 19 August 2012

On the road from Dobra, again

The Road goes on for ever, winding its way down from the mountains, to the plains of Mazovia to the north. Below: south of Rozdziele, between Limanowa and Bochnia. This is the highest point between the two towns, over 535m above sea level. A beautiful stretch of road, this is the DW (Droga Wojewódzka = Voivodship, or provincial, road) 965 from Limanowa to Świniary, by the Vistula, 54km (33 miles) all the way. I've blogged it before, it's worth another post - this time shot with the 10-24mm Nikkor.

As the DW965 approaches the Vistula, so the landscape changes; we say farewell to the hills just before Bochnia; once we pass that town, the land gets flatter and flatter until finally we reach a wide flood-plain. The flatness means the road can run straight.

And around Drwinia, nodding donkeys (left) mean oil reserves exploited by PGNiG.

the DW965, looking south. Texas, Małopolska.

The DW 965 joins the DW 964 at Świniary, and this in turn leads to the bridge over the Vistula at Nowe Brzesko, the only road crossing between Niepołomice to the west and Górka, 42km (26 miles) upstream. The bridge at Nowe Brzesko only carries one lane, so lights at either end allow contraflow traffic across the river after a wait of a few minutes.

Once the Vistula's crossed, the road offers no more moments of wonderment. From Nowe Brzesko via Proszowice to Słomniki, and then on the DK (Droga Krajowa = national road) 7, all the way to Warsaw, skirting Kielce and through Radom. The DK7 is getting better and better, but after the last 23km (14 mile) stretch of ongoing roadworks between the north Kielce turn-off and Chęciny is complete, there's little hope for new improvements for this important Polish trunk road that links Warsaw to Kraków.

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Sigismundo said...

Nice pix Michał!
However, I think the world "grill" should be in italics, it being Polish. You are not using it in the English sense of: (1) – a device on a cooker for the downward emission of heat, used for cooking food on one side at a time; or (2) – a restaurant or eating place specialising in grilled food. There is a third meaning in my "Shorter Oxford English Dictionary" of 'a (dish of) grilled food', Mid-18th century in origin, from which presumably the Polish term derives.
In English the correct term is, I think, 'barbecue', South African 'braai', Australian.... (etc, etc.)