Saturday, 25 August 2012

Twilight, ul. Karczunkowska

During the rush hours, buses travel along ul. Karczunkowska at least four times an hour; in the evenings, it's two buses an hour (a 209 and a 715). Not wishing to wait 30 minutes when faced with a ten-minute walk, I will usually alight from the 709, 727 or 739 on the corner of ul. Puławska and stroll home.

Above: ul. Karczunkowska looking west from Puławska. The west-bound bus stop is across the road, but there's no bus for 20 minutes, so I'll walk.

Left: the junction with ul. Sarabandy, majestic sunset clouds reflected off the puddles.

Above: junction of ul. Trombity and Karczunkowska, looking south. Nearly home.

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